Magician Berlin

Magician Berlin: Flexible, friendly, with a special sense of humor and impeccable manners, the magician Maik M. Paulsen is the guarantee that your events will be a real magical highlight. Far from dusty rabbit clichés, Maik M. Paulsen enchants his viewers. In his work as a show shell player, Maik M. Paulsen has specialized in business events such as incentives, kick-off events, trade fairs and company events of all kinds. No matter whether it’s a Christmas party, summer party or New Year’s reception: Maik m. Paulsen is the guarantee that there will be no boredom at your event and that your guests will remember your event for a long time.

Magician Berlin

In January 2024, the magician Maik M. Paulsen performed in Berlin. At a business event with 250 guests, he excited the guests from the IT-company „emarsys“  as a close-up magician and shell player. The customer chose the Spreegold restaurant in the Bikinihaus on Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz as the location.


Magician Berlin: The magician Maik M. Paulsen celebrates magical entertainment close-up. As a table magician, at the bar or at the champagne reception, he not only works magic for your guests, but also with them. Right in front of the spectators‘ eyes, even in their hands, incomprehensible things happen to everyday objects such as playing cards, banknotes and rubber bands. You experience small miracles that you can touch and are part of the whole. For many people, close-up magic is the most incomprehensible form of magic because you have the feeling that nothing can actually escape you.

Maybe Maik M. Paulsen can really do magic…

Close-up-magic in Berlin!


The close-up-magician in Berlin!

With his skillful hands and his special sense of humor, Maik M. Paulsen has been astonishing and entertaining customers and guests at corporate events, galas, trade fair events, incentives and kick-off events for many years as a shell player, close-up-magician and trade fair magician. He is  is the resident magician in Germany’s leading variety theater, the Wintergarten Varieté Berlin!

In the last 15 years, Maik M. Paulsen has been able to entertain guests and spectators as a close-up magician for his customers at well over 1000 events throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland and on the sunny island of Mallorca. This means he draws on a broad knowledge of how to deal with people and situations. You too can benefit from these many years of experience as a close-up magician, shell player and trade fair magician! He is happy to entertain your guests as a shell player and magician in German and English. 

Maik M. Paulsen’s references read like a who’s who of German business, he has appeared for over half of all DAX companies.


Close-up-magician in Berlin

Magician Maik M. Paulsen’s priority is to use style, charm and hands-on wonder to put guests at your event in a relaxed atmosphere and to put a smile on their faces. His magic is not about putting on a loud and shrill show, but rather about experiencing an individual and unobtrusive form of unique entertainment together with your guests.

In addition to magic, he uses his communication skills. Your guests don’t just consume a show but are part of the magic themselves. With his fine sense of humor and his charming manner, Maik M. Paulsen is the guarantee that your guests will remember your event for a long time.

In his work as a close-up magician and table magician, he has specialized in business events, incentives, trade fairs and gala events. Maik M. Paulsen has been a professional stage artist for over 15 years. During this time he has completed well over 1000 appearances. The countless references are the guarantee that with Maik M. Paulsen you have hired the right artist for your event. Let yourself be enchanted and delight your guests with this exceptional artist.


Discover the Enchanting World of Maik M. Paulsen: Berlin’s Premier Close-Up Magician
Nestled in the heart of Berlin, a city celebrated for its vibrant cultural landscape and rich history, Maik M. Paulsen stands out as a master of enchantment and intrigue. As one of Berlin’s most acclaimed close-up magicians, Maik M. Paulsen offers a mesmerizing experience that captivates audiences with the art of magic, right before their very eyes.

Who is Maik M. Paulsen?
Maik M. Paulsen is not just a magician; he is an artist who specializes in the delicate art of close-up magic. With years of professional experience, Paulsen has honed his craft to a fine edge, performing at corporate events, and exclusive gatherings across Berlin and beyond.

The Magic of Close-Up
Close-up magic, also known as table magic or micro-magic, involves performances that are carried out within an arm’s reach of the audience, making every trick and illusion feel personal and direct. This form of magic is highly interactive and allows Maik M. Paulsen to engage directly with spectators, creating a uniquely immersive experience. The close proximity provides no room for error and thus showcases Paulsen’s exquisite skill and precision.

What to Expect at a Maik M. Paulsen Show
Attending a show by Maik M. Paulsen is entering a world of mystery and surprise. Each performance is tailored to the audience, ensuring a fresh and dynamic experience every time. From card tricks that defy logic to mind-reading feats that challenge reality, Paulsen’s repertoire is vast and varied. His charm and charismatic presence make every performance not just a display of magical prowess but also an entertaining and engaging event.

Why Choose Maik M. Paulsen for Your Event?
Booking Maik M. Paulsen for your event guarantees a touch of sophistication and excitement. Whether you are organizing a corporate function, a private party, or any special occasion, Paulsen’s performances are designed to enhance the atmosphere and provide unforgettable entertainment. His professionalism and commitment to his craft are evident in every show he performs, making him a top choice for those looking to add a magical element to their event in Berlin.

A Magician for All Occasions
Maik M. Paulsen’s versatility makes him an ideal entertainer for a variety of settings. His ability to adapt to the specific vibes of each event—from formal to casual—allows him to seamlessly integrate his performances with the event’s theme and the audience’s mood. Whether it’s a wedding reception, a business dinner, or a casual gathering, Paulsen’s magic is always a highlight.

Learn More and Book Today
If you’re interested in experiencing the magic of Maik M. Paulsen or want to book him for your next event, visit his website for more information and contact details. Discover why Maik M. Paulsen is hailed as one of the best close-up magicians in Berlin and prepare yourself for an event filled with wonder, laughter, and magical memories that will last a lifetime.

In the realm of magic, few names resonate as powerfully in Berlin as Maik M. Paulsen. His performances are not just magic shows; they are a gateway into the world of the impossible, delivered up close and personal. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this magical maestro in action—your perception of reality will never be the same!

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